Friday, March 30, 2012

"Do Something" Day 33 - Au Naturel

I clean my entire home with a few natural ingredients:
Baking soda, Borax, vinegar, lemon juice, wintergreen rubbing alcohol, and essential oils.
To some this may seem like a lot of work, I mean it is more convenient to grab a bottle of whatever cleaner, spray the house down and wipe away. For our home it's not a matter of convenience, but a matter of health. Since I do the majority of the scrubbing of this home, I would prefer to not breath in harmful aromas in conventional cleaners. It's safer for the environment and safer for the people that love in your home..
It's safe for children and pets too.

Give it a try and take a little ride on the "Green Side"

Some helpful links:

Blessings be with you...

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