Thursday, March 8, 2012

"Do Something" Day 14 - Get Moving

I have to be honest, exercise terrifies me. Although, I will engage in some form of exercise, I don't always choose that as a priority. I know that being a fairly young mom with small children, that I am to set the example of healthy living. We eat healthy, we talk about healthy food and exercise, these kids are in swimming, gymnastics, and not to mention all the outdoor play they get.
Deep down inside, I'm exhausted, but I get moving for those kids and I get moving for me!

Running has never ever been a sport that I have been interested in. Although I really do admire people that can do this for long distances. I started receiving Fitness magazine in the mail for free. This is not a magazine I would normally subscribe too and pay for. Again, on the inside, I'm a tiny bit of a couch potato. So I started reading this magazine and came across an article about 4 women who come from different times of their lives, some who have never exercised, some who are challenging themselves to run more, some who are downright terrified of running. All four of these ladies conquered a half marathon, that 13.1 miles friends. Doesn't the thought make you want to take a nap?
It got me thinking, if these women can do it...if hundreds of people can do this. All shapes and sizes, why can't I? So, I downloaded the training guide for beginners and by golly, I will do my best to lace up those running shoes and get off the couch (figuratively speaking), who can sit on the couch all day with 2 energetic kids? Really?

I invite you to face your fears and do "Couch to Half" with me

Blessings be with you...

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