Thursday, March 29, 2012

"Do Something" Day 32 - Gratitude

Gratitude goes beyond just saying "thank you". In our busy lives, we sometime forget to really tell our loved one(s)that we are grateful for them. Not only is this important in relationships, but with children and friendships too.
Sit down with your special someone, look at each other and tell them why you are grateful for them. If you aren't the vocal type, grab a pen an paper and write it down in a note. Tech savvy folks, send and email or text.
Although, I really encourage you to something different and sit down face to face and talk.
Since I am unable to sit with you all in person, I want to thank all for you who have visited this blog and have joined this 40 day journey of "Do Something".

This journey isn't over yet, stick with it!

Blessings be with you...

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