Wednesday, March 14, 2012

"Do Something" Day 19 - Surrender

Have you ever tried to just let God take over? To really surrender and say, "I give it all to you"
All of your cares, your worry, your anxiety, your joys, all of it. What has it felt like to really do this?
2 1/2 years ago we decided to do just that by selling our home, some of our belongings, and moving 1700 miles away from our dearest family and friends and fulfill what God has called us to do. Now don't get me wrong, there are still days that I fight God, and let him know that I am in control and honestly it only gives me more stress and anxiety.
It's such a weird feeling to let God take "the wheel" and show us a life of gratitude, humility, love and grace and most importantly, patience.
There's something frightening and exciting about not planning your life for the next 5 years and just "Let Go and Let God"....hey didn't Vinny from Jersey Shore get that tattoo????
Surrender, give it to God, see what happens!

Blessings be with you....

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