Monday, March 26, 2012

"Do Something" Day 29 - The Grocery Store

I will never forget a few months ago, when I took my two children to the grocery store...during lunch time. I take my kids to the store all the time, I enjoy it. I do appreciate times when I go alone, but on the other hand, I always find myself taking way too long looking around. At least with my kids, I have to formulate a plan! I have a list, and I let the kids know that we aren't able to go to the toy section that day. We get in, and we get out...usually with no tantrums or whining. Usually!
So when I decided that I needed to go grocery shopping during the time that we would be preparing lunch and having quiet time, I knew I was in for it. The first 10 minutes were a breeze, but as we approached the last few moments of grocery shopping and the final items were being crossed off the grocery list, all "you know what" broke loose. The kids became grumpy, they began to get super whiny, as I ran through the grocery store to grab the last few items. The children had enough, and frankly so did I.
Alas, in the check out lane, ready to go. Isaac was screaming so loudly that he made himself throw-up and lily was crying because he had pulled her hair. I kept my head up high, no expression and prayed that we would get our groceries in our reusable bags as quickly as possible.
The woman bagging our groceries had stated that she remembers when her children were that small and doesn't miss that time. I nodded and said "I sometimes pretend that they aren't my children" We had a laugh, and she grabbed the cart and walked us to our car.
What an amazing help she was!
Now, I realize that she gets paid to do what she does, but her sincerity was real. She wanted to help. How often do you see that same scene? A parent struggling, just trying to get groceries and go home.
Offer a helping hand, even if they don't accept, they will appreciate that you offered.

Blessings be with you...

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