Saturday, March 24, 2012

"Do Something" Day 28 - Hunger

I feel that lately I have been surrounded by the word "hunger". This word is said quite frequently with my children, I say it when I feel it, there's a new movie with that title, a childhood game, and lately in church we have heard sermons, temple talks, and bible studies mention this word.
We live in a society over abundance, even if you are poor, you are more rich than many in other countries. Yet, people are still starving. In our cities, in our states, in the US, in the world.
There are efforts in trying to end world hunger, and each state and communities are different. Many churches raise money to donate animals to villages so that they can raise and reproduce livestock for food and nourishment.
A bible study that Jason, Isaac and I attend while Lily is in Sunday school are finishing a study called "Taking Root- Hunger Causes, Hunger Hopes" We learn ways that we can take part with living in a world with out hunger. The problem cannot be fixed with the snap of a finger, but we all can take steps forward in educating ourselves, becoming proactive, and motivating others to help end world hunger. No problem is too big or too small. I invite you to do some research on ways that you can help within your community.

Blessings be with you...
Enjoy your Sabbath!

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