Tuesday, March 6, 2012

"Do Something" Day 12 - Save a Life

On and off since I was 18, I have been donating blood. It started with signing up at community college in Las Vegas and I have to selfishly admit that I donated to receive the free movie tickets they were giving away with a every donation. Phew, glad I confessed that after 14 years.
Seriously though, giving blood is an amazing gift that you can give someone and tonight I was able to attend a banquet held at the Grand River Center here in Dubuque, Iowa that honored milestone blood donors and coordinators of blood drives. In the Fall, with myself and the Fellowship of Wartburg Spouses we held a blood drive at the seminary. I was a little nervous that we weren't going to meet our expected donor number given the amount of donors that had signed up, weren't quite up to the number we needed. Lo and behold, folks kept popping in, waiting to donate and we achieved our number. That was an amazing feeling!
Tonight, I felt that same amazing feeling as name were being announced of people who had reached "Gallon Milestones" anywhere from 1-30 gallons of blood donated throughout their lifetimes. This was special. At this banquet they showed a short clip of a woman who underwent an emergency Cesarean, she immediately had postnatal hemorrhaging and had to have 30 units of donor blood. Her life was saved and she is able to be a mother to her first born child. The last line of that clip had a single sentence. "Thank you blood donors for keeping families whole" I about burst into tears. Without the daily donations, people who need transfusions and those emergency situations would lose their lives.
So I encourage you, if you are able, to make an appointment at your local blood center and give this gift of life.

Blessings be with you...

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