Friday, August 27, 2010

Awesome 3 pack Fuzzibunz Giveaway!

Amazing giveaway from Well Born Baby!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Gro Baby Cloth Diaper Giveaway!

Friends! If you are a seasoned cloth diapering pro...or a newbie, like me! You will appreciate this amazing giveaway from The Momccuaption. Check it out and Good Luck!
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The Glorified Art of Dumpster Diving

If you are a thrifty shopper like me, you will appreciate Freecycle!
Freecycle, or as I call it, the glorified art of dumpster diving is absolutely the easiest way of finding no cost treasures around town.
No more wasting gas driving around neighborhoods, hoping to find that dresser you've been needing.
Freecycle is your answer!!
This is how it works:
1. The easiest way to sign up is through Yahoo! Groups.
This is if you already have a Yahoo Email account or are creating one.
Which is what I did :)
After signing in or signing up to Yahoo! Mail. You will then click on the "Groups" tab. Search for Freecycle (name of town/city). Example: Freecycle Dububuque.
It will bring up the page and you click the "Join" button.
Once joining has been established, there are many ways you can use Freecycle.
1. To post an item you are WANTing, to post items you are OFFERing, to post items that have been TAKEN (this is if you list items and they have been picked up.
*Notice the capitalization of the words WANT, OFFER, TAKEN. These will be key words in which you will have to begin your post. More detailed instructions are emailed to you by the group moderator.
2. You can personalize your settings on which email you want notifications sent to.
For instance, I primarily use a Gmail account, but I do have a Yahoo! account for junk mail. I have set the setting to where I recieve all Freecycle posting to my gmail.
3. You can adjust how much "mail" you receive from Freecycle in the settings. Sometimes your inbox can become overwhelming with EVERYONE'S postings. My preference is to receive all mailings and postings, because this is my newest addiction and I HAVE to know who's giving away what at all times. :)
4. Always post "WANTED" if you need certian things, even if you think no one will respond, they will! I live in a great community where if a Freecycle user doesn't have what I'm looking for, they will point me to the right direction. This can be a great networking tool also!

The #2 option of signing up with Freecycle is to check out this link:
You can sign up for a new account here and specify your city/town :)

A few SAFETY tips!!!!!
1. If you are on your way to pick up some treasures, make sure the person giving has set items either on their porch or on their property. This is usually what the givers will do, so it remains safe, and they will most likely label that item with your name.

2. I would not recommend entering someone's home to pick up items unless:
a. You are bringing a friend with you
b. You are picking up furniture...still bring a friend with you.
c. BRING A FRIEND WITH YOU!!! Plain and simple :)

3. Try picking up items during the day, especially if you are driving in an
unfamiliar area.

One last tip of advice!
Always give back to the Universe, from what you have received.
Use freecycle to get rid of your unwanted treasures, rather than dropping them off at a thrift store. Nothing wrong with Thrift store, I shop them all the time.
What I am saying is return the favor ;)
~Happy "diving"

"It is more blessed to give than to receive" -Acts 20:35

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Agoo Leggings Giveaway!

Check out The Momccupation on Facebook for awesome tips, giveaways and great stories from an amazing mom of 3 boys. There is currently a giveaway for a pair of Agoo leggings. Check it out and good luck!!

Get me to the Greek!

No, not the movie! But, that does sound like a good date nite for my hubby and I. Jason is in his last week of Summer Greek and doing so well. This family is truly proud of him. Seminary experience so far has been a blessing!! Our kids have blossomed in the 2 months we have been here. Lily has become even more independent (if you can believe that), but with her independence she has become respectful! When we got here, she was so excited to have new friends that she would follow the older kids everywhere. Of course, this made me ultra stressed, not being able to see her in the front yard made my heart drop. We had many talks about her coming to me or Jason and asking permission to go up the hill to the sandbox, or the playground, or someone's home. It took a while, but she has caught on to the new "rules" of playing with friends and I am very proud of her.
In fact, just yesterday Lily was playing with sidewalk chalk in front of our house. all her little friends stopped by to paint beautiful works of art on our walkway. They all decided to go to the playground, which is slightly within eyesight of our house, I was chatting with a neighbor with Isaac in my hands. I saw Lily run up the street with her friends and thought, "I'm not going to yell at her to come home and ask for permission, let's see what she does...or, let's see what priveledge gets taken away when she gets back for disobeying the rules" (It was a long thought, considering I was chatting with my friend)
Wouldn't you know, that sweet little princess stopped mid run, turned around, ran back to the house and asked if she can go to the playground? AMAZING~ Thank you Lord!! She listened!! I'm so proud of her.
As for Isaac...this little guy amazes me everyday. He is growing so fast! He now has one tooth that he loves to show when he's smiling so big. Isaac has begun to eat more solids. Two of his feeding are solids, he usually eats fruit and oatmeal for breakfast and then has a veggie (sometimes w/rice) for dinner. In between is milk...AND after each solid feeding he gets super watered down juice.
Isaac's personality is so loving, he smiles and cuddles and is such a sweet boy. We graduated his bath seat to one that he gets to sit in like a big boy. He enjoyed it very much last night, although he is still a bit wobbly, I think he liked being able to reach forward to grab bath toys and bubbles floating in the water.
I'm thinking about switching his diapers over to cloth. It will be a little more work and laundry (but I'm doing that anyways) and will save us a ton of money, now that we are "starving seminarians". We actually aren't starving, but you get what I'm trying to say. With a family out of work and surviving off of financial aid and student loans, plus amazing gifts from church/friends. We have to be very selective on how our finances are used. It's a learning process. This whole time, we have trusted the God will provide...He has so far.
Speaking of work, Jason has landed a job as a DJ on a country station, once a week for a few hours. Once the Fall semester starts, he will be on work study for a few hours a week. This will help out as well, and yours truly..has set up a massage room in the basement and has even made a "Wartburg rate" for faculty and students.
Life is great and we are making the best of this experience, we are truly happy!
Thank be to God!!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

New life in Dubuque!

Friends and Family and Followers!
The Adams' are FINALLY moved in and settled in Dubuque, Iowa! What a fantastic transition, although at times, completely insane...this move has been amazing! Jason, Hawk and our Chihuahua Minnie, left Las Vegas on July 12 and spent 2 1/2 days on the road. They arrived to our new home in the afternoon of July 14th and were welcomed by all of our new neighbors who eagerly helped unload our truck in 2 hours. Our fridge was stocked with water and beer. Pizza was ordered for dinner and a friendly roll of toilet paper waited in the bathroom. Amazing! The kids, along with my mother and yougest brother, and I arrived in Dubuque by plane that evening. In the 6 days that my family was here, we unpacked the entire house and had almost everything put away. We said a tearful "see you later" to my family on July 20th and spent the evening in our new cozy home, in our new amazing the Adams Family Four!
God is Good!!!!